Subtract Music


Many deeply ethereal and spiritual melodies have emanated from the touch of this mysterious Israeli producer. He shies away from the spotlight, but not from touching one’s soul via ways only he can.

The little-known Israeli producer has created an eclectic range of lush, evocative house and techno over the past few years. Most of his music, including more than a dozen EPs and an album from late 2011, have come through his own self-titled imprint. Those of you with database trigger fingers will point out that none of Hakimonu’s releases have a perception than he wishes to hide his roots.


Hakimonu’s music is evolving, complex sound, dark and mysterious chords, and a smidgen of hypnotic vibe – but it is only because of our times, that he has so far avoided being labeled as such. In 2010 he established self titled new imprint “HAKIMONU”, where his first artist album ‘EVER’ (made as collection version of the series ‘Cadences & Framework Techno Sketches’) was released at the end of 2011.

Hakimonu has released nearly 20 EPs since 2008 – projects around his companion labels like Konsequenz, Asymmetric Recordings, Sweat Lodge Records, Lift Your Head Up, SudBeat, Acryl Music, Sleep Is Commercial, subtract music, False Industries Records and Renaissance.