Subtract Music


Eclectic and versatile duo from Germany that specialize in deep and dubby sounds. Nadja Lind also loves venturing into ambient meditation productions, which we are absolutely in love with (Turning Within series).

Klartraum is German for the state of lucid dream, when you become aware that you are dreaming and are able to manipulate your surroundings. Driving deep into the subconscious, their music envelopes and surrounds its listeners creating a world in which just like a dream, things are never as they seem. With an aquatic fluidity and warm, wave like pulses, their music gently lulls you into this trance like state, allowing accepted structures to become contorted and morph into something entirely new.

Klartraum happens when Helmut Ebritsch (Hatikvah, Soma Records, Morris Audio, Baalsaal) and Nadja Lind (Darkroom Dubs, Soma Records, Gastspiel)’ve come together to explore their musical urges. Both as a studio double duo and burgeoning live act they are bringing an entirely unique edge to their performances and output by taking their flowing techno to a deeper, spiritual level. Since finding each other in 2006 through a producer website the Berlin based pair have stamped their unique mark on electronic music, finding favour with some of the world’s top DJs. On the dance floor this translates to epic live shows where the pair’s energy and connection brings them closer to the crowd, inviting dancers into their world.

In the studio they free their subconscious through harnessing the immense wealth of knowledge to found in spiritual teachings. The creative processes start with a Ho’oponopono cleansing and Eft Session then with their equipment Midi-synced their sound is crafted through lightening quick jam sessions. The fluidity of their tracks reflects this process where two minds and bodies let their musical ideas evolve and merge together, constantly refining and pushing their own boundaries during this intuitive process.

Nadja’s intensely chaotic energy is bound by a natural continuity and progression in her work, resulting in tracks that tease and twist, leading the listener blindfolded through lush instrumentals and challenging soundscapes. This is regimented by Helmut’s skills developed through 20 years in the production game. These natural traits are often blurred as the pair grow as individuals with the teachings learnt through the universal language of music.

The highly personal approach is an organic process that allows tracks to grow naturally both in the studio and when it is shared with the floor. The tracks bump and groove with an assertive hypnotism, with strange understated sounds making perfect sense in Klartraum’s cohesive musical environment.

Naming tracks after psychological patterns (Ignorance, Dissociation, Fantasy Bond, Pain Relief), spiritual experiences (All Dimensions, Inner Sky, Beyond Illusion, I Don’t Know) and threading the voices of spiritual teachers and Zen masters through their work, Klartraum seek to bring the compelling wisdom and courage of people like Rudiger and Anette Nehberg, Steven Wolinsky, Marc Gafni, Ken Wilber to wider audiences through their art. The duo are truly adding another level of expression to electronic music.