Subtract Music

Pablo Bolívar

Our dear friend from Spain, Pablo Bolívar is responsible for all things deep. His eclectic taste and sounds are a perfect alignment with our musical mission. A Subtract mainstay for sure!

Born in 1981, works as a musician and DJ since 1997. He produces for various music labels, especially for Avantroots and Regular, for which, in January 2006 he released his first album titled “Anjanas”. A delicate work in composition, which embodies his deep electronic landscape but also dance style. After several EP‟s and DJ mixes came out his second solo album: “Recall” (Regular, 2009). This time a recording full of memories of his homeland, a great and personal evolution with soulful Deep House and Ambient pieces.


Annually, as a gift, he gives his followers and fans the DJ mix series: “Música Para Estar” y “Mind Groove Music”. Very personal sets with a powerful but careful line of deep sounds and exquisite transitions. Much love from Pablo Bolívar.

In 2007 Sergio Aphro joins Pablo Bolívar to create the band Pulshar. A band where to unleash his most advanced work ranging from dub to electronic soul. After several EPs in 2008 is out their first album, “Brotherhood” (Phonobox, 2008), and now, two years later, the new effort is entitled “Inside” (Desolat, 2010). In both editions we can enjoy a fine production accompanied by Aphro‟s delicate soul/reggaevoice. Together they produced and did the post production of soundtracks for exhibitions and television advertising campaigns, this way they gave birth to Avantroots Productions.

For years he was part of the Decoder Muzique team. One of the most important electronic music distributers in Spain, where he was leading the national sales department. He currently resides in Barcelona, teaching as a professor of Ableton Live in Mad Center, and running Avantroots Records.