Subtract Music

John Schultz

Gorje Hewek

Biography: Moscow based Gorje Hewek. Launched Shanti Moscow Radio record label. Producing celebrating soul, emotional, chromatic, poetry, life-asserting music. A part of All Day I Dream family.

BIG GUY little guy

BIG GUY  |  Anton Tumas Founder of Subtract Music & Creative Director of Love Long Beach Festival   little guy  |  Treavor Moontribe Founder of Moontribe Collective, one half of Desert Dwellers.

Damian Lazarus

“The Laz” is somewhat of an Enigma in the dance music scene. Biography The mysterious allure of musical vibrations can perplex and intrigue in equal amounts at the best of times, not least when the sorcery of a certain Damian Lazarus comes into play. Crosstown Rebels, Day Zero, Get Lost, Rebel Rave, his own DJ …

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John Digweed

Truly one of our earliest inspirations, to have John Digweed remix a track for Subtract was a dream come true. This man is one of the pillars of the global dance music scene, and his marathon journey sets are legendary. Biography: Some DJ careers are built on hype. John Digweed’s career is built on substance. …

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Nick Muir

Nick Muir along with John Digweed, is the core foundation of Bedrock. A genius in the studio, Nick’s work has lit endless late night dance floors on fire! Biography: Nick has been producing and playing dance music since the early 90s, having been a professional session keyboard player and arranger for ten years before that. …

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Some of our favorite big room peak time house weapons have been finely crafted by Samuel Geiser, otherwise known as Deetron. Biography: Deetron is a Swiss techno DJ and producer who produces warm techno with the soul of Detroit. He has released on labels such as Intec, Music Man and Ongaku.

Andre Lodemann

Easily one of our top 10 all-time, Andre Lodemann has created some serious dance floor weaponry.  From the nostalgic Where Are You Now? (will we ever get tired of that one? I think not!), to the darkness of Leaving The Comfort Zone, this man’s work resonates deeply, and Andre has made a banging cut for …

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Fabian Dikof

Fabian is Andre Lodemann’s studio partner-in-crime. Together, these guys are cranking out some incredibly well-produced music, and their engineering skills are simply out of this world. Biography: Everything in balance between house and techno, but essentially it should be deep. That is what Fabian Dikof stands for. Born in 1990 he discovered house music by …

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Matthew Dekay

Matthew Dekay has the keys to the heart of the dance floor. An acute sense and understanding of emotions that transcends time and space. He has demonstrated an ability to easily teleport you into dimensions unknown, and continues to do so. Biography: Matthew Dekay, Dutch composer and DJ has pushed the boundaries of electronic music …

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Dave DK

One of the most inspiring producers of our generation. Dave knows how to walk the fine line between mysterious and psychedelic. His work has created some of the most unique dance floor moments for us over the years, and his incredible remixes of Active Child is one of the stand out releases on our label. …

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