Subtract Music

Coup d’État | 2 Year Anniversary

In this day and age of mass-produced, dumbed-down and down-right formulaic pop music culture, there is a small but dedicated group of individuals taking a stand against all that is mediocre, stale and outdated. With an uncompromising approach, they offer access to an intimate music celebration for the soul seekers wanting to escape the illusory appeal of mainstream.

A revolution is quietly taking place by presenting a musical offering of authenticity and choice. We’re delighted to partake in this dynamic movement with our selection of the world’s finest musicians in settings utmost conducive to experiencing all of the subtlest nuances of modern house and techno.


Anton Tumas
Subtract Music

Subtract Music

Ben Annand
Moontribe • Tropical

Brad Moontribe
Subtract Music • Moontribe

Desert Trax

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Subtract Music owned and operated Danley Sound Labs dance stacks.