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Over the years, Subtract Music has cemented its reputation as a premier provider of world-class audio, top notch sound engineering, and the ability to execute in virtually any situation. Dance music is our specialty, from festivals like City Hearts and Desert Hearts (where the infamous Monster Booth was born), to powering multiple Burning Man camps on an annual basis, and everything in between. We power some of the best dance music events all over Los Angeles on a weekly basis, as well as our own Subtract On The Pier, and Love Long Beach Festival, which we produce and curate.



“You can always depend on Anton for top-notch sound, and staying on top of it all night!”  –  Doc Martin



Having a lot of event production experience ourselves, we know that it takes a significant amount of effort to stand out in LA’s highly competitive event environment. Many promoters have come to realize that great sound is one of the best ways to add value to your brand. It’s truly the cornerstone of any bonafide music event. We’re here to help you execute your vision to its highest potential.


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Subtract Sound System is constantly growing and being upgraded. We’re a Danley Sound Labs authorized rental provider, having a large quantity of their incredible speakers in our inventory. We have the ability to cover multiple stages, ranging from 100 to 5,000 people.