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What once was just a wild idea, has come to fruition, and countless DJs and live artists that have played on this setup have had their mind absolutely blown. Initially thought-up by longtime friend of the Crew, and a DH vet in his own right, our founder and lead engineer Anton Tumas. It was a possible solution to what can only be described as a high-class problem: The vibe at the festival is so strong, partially due to incredible vibes in the DJ booth itself at all times (it’s really indescribable if you haven’t experienced it for yourself). However, due to so many dancers in the booth, any “normal” monitor setup falls short – the speakers are simply drowned out and crowded out, a major challenge for any DJ trying to focus on the details in the music – Subtract to the rescue! We purpose-built what many have described the biggest/baddest monitor rig ever, dubbed the “Monster Booth”!

Consisting of no less than 6 Danley Sound Labs TH118 high-output subwoofers (when just 1 or 2 is usually enough), along with a pair of 141 decibel Danley Synergy Horns, the impact and clarity of this setup is simply unparalleled. It’s like driving one of the best race cars in the world – endless reserves of power, adrenalin rush every time you turn up the knob, and a full body impact with every bass drum hit, without even a hint of distortion.


30,000 watts of crystal clear Danley Sound Labs power!
(Yes, you heard that right)


Having enough sound in the booth to power a medium-sized festival dance floor is very addicting, and probably crazy! With endless headroom, even at the highest peaks of volume, this setup is just barely cruising along. The force, the dynamics and level of detail are unheard of. Naturally powered by Danley’s own in-house amplification, the “Monster Booth” is a real Game Changer!