DAVI • Lucid Dreaming

A rising star from sunny California, DAVI’s recent work has found it’s way into record boxes of everyone from Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed to Nick Warren and 16 Bit Lolitas. This release may be no different. Two lush and melodic originals are complemented by a solid pack of three remixes that are sure to get […]

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Eclectic and versatile duo from Germany that specialize in deep and dubby sounds. Nadja Lind also loves venturing into ambient meditation productions, which we are absolutely in love with (Turning Within series). Biography: Klartraum is German for the state of lucid dream, when you become aware that you are dreaming and are able to manipulate […]

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DAVÍ has seen his career rise via the strength of his productions, and his powerful DJ sets. Someone that keeps polishing his sound, and is never content with his success, he’s become a force on the global touring circuit, as well as the US market. We’ve been by his side since the early days, and […]

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